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Research & Publications / Vulnerable Communities

Vulnerable Consumers

Vulnerable Communities

We advance our understanding of consumer vulnerability and consumption practices.

Our work in Vulnerable Communities examines at-risk populations, especially impoverished or other disenfranchised consumers.

Featured Faculty


Top of Well-Being

Educating for Adolescent Well-being: Is it Time for Marketplace Literacy?

Journal of the Association for Consumer Research


Wenday Attaya Boland; Sonya A. Grier; Paul M. Connell

Vulnerable Communities, Consumer Well-Being

The Impact of Cultural Health Capital on Market Choice Along the Texas-Mexico Border

Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities


Emilia Amaro, Jordan Rodriguez, Deziree Jackson, Deidre Popovich, Kellilynn M Frias, Ernesto Castañeda 

Vulnerable Communities, Consumer Well-Being

Race in Consumer Research: Past, Present, and Future

Journal of Consumer Research


Sonya A. Grier, David Crockett, Guillaume D. Johnson, Kevin D. Thomas, Tonya Williams Bradford

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being, Vulnerable Communities

Anti-racism in my pocket: mobilizing women, technology and privilege to support systemic equity

Emerald Insight


Sonya A. Grier and Bea V. Porter

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being, Macromarketing & Public Policy, Vulnerable Communities

Targeted Research for Well-Being: Dissecting the Effects of Marketing on Youth of Color

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing


Sonya A Grier

Macromarketing & Public Policy, Vulnerable Communities

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