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Consumer Well-Being

Consumer Well-Being

We research the impact of marketing and consumption practices on social welfare and policy.

Our work in Consumer Well-Being explores the emotional, cognitive, and social responses diverse consumers experience related to their quality of life.

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Poverty and consumer psychology

APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology


Ronald Paul Hill

Consumer Well-Being, Vulnerable Communities

Can advertising benefit women’s development? Preliminary insights from a multi-method investigation

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


Gautham Vadakkepatt, Andrew Bryant, Ronald Paul Hill & Joshua Nunziato

Consumer Well-Being

From Anxious Spaces To Harmonious Relations? Interracial Marketplace Interactions Through The Lens Of Consumer Psychology

Journal of Consumer Psychology


Sonya A. Grier, Guillaume D. Johnson, Maura L. Scott

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being

In search of well-being: Factors influencing the movement toward and away from maladaptive consumption

Journal of Consumer Affairs


Wendy Attaya Boland, Ingrid M. Martin, Marlys J. Mason

Consumer Well-Being, Health & Nutrition

The Strength of Weak-Tie Consensus Language

Journal of Marketing Research


Jeffrey K. Lee, Ann Kronrod

Macromarketing & Public Policy, Consumer Well-Being