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Research & Publications / Consumer Well-Being

Consumer Well-Being

Consumer Well-Being

We research the impact of marketing and consumption practices on social welfare and policy.

Our work in Consumer Well-Being explores the emotional, cognitive, and social responses diverse consumers experience related to their quality of life.

Featured Faculty


Top of Markets/Policy

Race in Consumer Research: Past, Present, and Future

Journal of Consumer Research


Sonya A. Grier, David Crockett, Guillaume D. Johnson, Kevin D. Thomas, Tonya Williams Bradford

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being, Vulnerable Communities

Anti-racism in my pocket: mobilizing women, technology and privilege to support systemic equity

Emerald Insight


Sonya A. Grier and Bea V. Porter

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being, Macromarketing & Public Policy, Vulnerable Communities

Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability

Journal of Marketing


Linda Court Salisbury, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Simon J. Blanchard, Ronald Paul Hill, Alexander L. Brown, Kelly D. Martin

Consumer Well-Being, Vulnerable Communities

Rethinking scarcity and poverty: Building bridges for shared insight and impact

Journal of Consumer Psychology


Chris Blocker, Jonathan Z. Zhang, Ronald Paul Hill, Caroline Roux, Canan Corus, Martina Hutton, Joshua Dorsey, Elizabeth Minton

Consumer Well-Being, Vulnerable Communities

“A Whiter Shade of Pale”: Whiteness, Female Beauty Standards, and Ethical Engagement Across Three Cultures

Journal of International Marketing


Sarah Mady, Dibyangana Biswas, Charlene A. Dadzie, Ronald Paul Hill, Rehana Paul

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being

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