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Research & Publications / Race, Marketing, & Markets

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Race, Marketing, & Markets

We study the role of socio-political constructs in the marketplace.

Our Race, Marketing, and Markets work examines racial biases and inequities present in the market and proposes strategies to mitigate them.

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RIM Network

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Organized by Sonya Grier, Guillaume D. Johnson, and Kevin D. Thomas, the Race in the Marketplace (RIM) network, is an international transdisciplinary research network that examines "the historic, contemporary, and future interactions of race in the marketplace through scholarship and practice."

Visit the RIM Network's website to learn more and download their book, Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries, for free.


Top of Race

Perspectives: race and advertising: conceptualizing a way forward through aesthetics

International Journal of Advertising


Kevin D. Thomas, Guillaume D. Johnson, Sonya A. Grier

Race Marketing & Markets

“A Whiter Shade of Pale”: Whiteness, Female Beauty Standards, and Ethical Engagement Across Three Cultures

Journal of International Marketing


Sarah Mady, Dibyangana Biswas, Charlene A. Dadzie, Ronald Paul Hill, Rehana Paul

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being

The Racialized Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages: Perspectives and Potential Remedies

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics


Anne Barnhill, A Susana Ramírez, Marice Ashe, Amanda Berhaupt-Glickstein, Nicholas Freudenberg, Sonya A Grier, Karen E Watson, Shiriki Kumanyika

Race Marketing & Markets, Health & Nutrition

From Anxious Spaces To Harmonious Relations? Interracial Marketplace Interactions Through The Lens Of Consumer Psychology

Journal of Consumer Psychology


Sonya A. Grier, Guillaume D. Johnson, Maura L. Scott

Race Marketing & Markets, Consumer Well-Being

Influencer-Generated Reference Groups

Journal of Consumer Research


Jeffrey K. Lee, Enric Junqué De Fortuny

Race Marketing & Markets

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