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Research & Publications / Macromarketing & Public Policy

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Macromarketing & Public Policy

We examine links between societal issues, marketing, and decision-making.

Our work in Macromarketing and Public Policy focuses on the broad ethical concerns, socially responsible behaviors, and legislative actions impacting markets and their complexities.

Featured Faculty


Top of Macro/Strategy

An examination of legality of global abortion services and the genesis of public policy

Business and Politics


Laurel Steinfield, Girish Ramani, Ronald Paul Hill, Rehana Paul

Macromarketing & Public Policy, Health & Nutrition

Tweeter-in-Chief Donald J. Trump: The Story of the Downfall of a Brand

NIM Marketing Intelligence Review


Hill, Ronald Paul, Sanal Mazvancheryl, Benjamin Wright

Macromarketing & Public Policy

Identity Management as a Coping Strategy for Stigmatization: The Case of Indian Sex Workers in a Libidinal Market

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing


Nilanjana Mitra, Ronald Paul Hill, Himadri Roy Chaudhuri, Anindita Chaudhuri

Vulnerable Communities, Macromarketing & Public Policy

Saving Behavior Within and Across Developing Nations: Implications for Public Policy Makers

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing


Colin B Gabler, Ronald Paul Hill, V Myles Landers

Macromarketing & Public Policy

What Exactly is Marketing and Public Policy?

American Marketing Association


Craig A Andrews, Scot Burton, Gregory T Gundlach, Ronald Paul Hill, Jeremy Kees, Richard G Netemeyer, Kristen L Walker

Macromarketing & Public Policy

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