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Designing and communicating higher education DEI strategies and tactics in a polarised political landscape

Mar 1, 2024

Ronald Hill, Sarah Mady, Stacy Merida

Macromarketing & Public Policy


The ideas inherent in and about diversity, equity and inclusion philosophies have reached a fever pitch within and outside the halls of the academy. In some institutions, they seem like a template for reform of higher education recruiting, hiring, training and communicating practices with various audiences and stakeholders that is long overdue. In other contexts, they are an embodiment of a ‘woke’ culture that continues to espouse perspectives from left-leaning constituencies that may have ignored ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, few in-between positions seem appropriate. This paper examines the conditions that led to this stalemate and how universities and colleges are delineating their positions and communicating accordingly. We close with implications for university marketing professionals who must craft messages for internal and external audiences.

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