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Race, Marketing, & Markets / Publication Abstract

Reproducing inequity: The role of race in the business school faculty search

Sep 3, 2020

Sonya A Grier, Sonja Martin Poole

Race, Marketing, & Markets
Macromarketing & Public Policy


Despite an increase in students of colour in higher education, a concomitant rise in faculty diversity is not evident. The present research focuses on faculty composition in business schools, which prepare students to lead across worldwide sectors. We examine the role of race in faculty hiring in order to identify barriers that hinder racial diversity within business schools. We use Critical Race Theory (CRT) as an analytic framework to examine the ways racial inequality is reproduced through specific practices in the business school search process. A qualitative methodology is used to investigate the experiences of underrepresented minority faculty who have served on business school search committees. Our participants’ narratives reveal consistent themes across diverse institutions and draw attention to aspects of the business school recruiting process that may be modified to enhance the recruitment of racially diverse faculty in business schools.

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