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Macromarketing & Public Policy / Publication Abstract

What Exactly is Marketing and Public Policy?

Jan 4, 2021

Craig A Andrews, Scot Burton, Gregory T Gundlach, Ronald Paul Hill, Jeremy Kees, Richard G Netemeyer, Kristen L Walker

Macromarketing & Public Policy


Beginning marketing scholars, and those in related disciplines, may express a strong interest in contributing to the marketing and public policy field, yet may wonder,

“What exactly is marketing and public policy?”
“How do I get involved?
“How does my research fit in?”

There are many reasons for these questions, including perhaps a desire to right a wrong, to protect consumers, or to address general frustrations with society or market limitations. Perhaps it is due to getting a “taste” of the interesting topics and sessions at the annual AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference, yet lacking an in-depth study of the field in doctoral programs. Or perhaps these issues have been studied, but from a related but different discipline (e.g., public health, communications, technology, economics, psychology, philosophy, law). Without specific knowledge or immersion in marketing and public policy, it is tempting to simply include a generic nod in a manuscript to implications for unnamed “public policy makers” and ship it off to the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPP&M). Thus, the purpose of this AMA Research Curation is to share what we feel is meant by “policy,” “public policy,” and “marketing and public policy” for those interested in our field. These policy areas will be expanded and applied specifically in how JPP&M promotes well-being on the individual, societal, and environmental level. In doing so, we discuss the role of key parties and policy (e.g., federal and international agencies, self-regulation, nonprofits, society, company policies, personal ethics) involved in the marketing and public policy process, offer JPP&M application examples, and share ideas for developing research that contributes to the marketing and public policy discipline.

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