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Macromarketing & Public Policy / Publication Abstract

Macro-social marketing for health: the case of Cuba

Dec 1, 2020

Sonya A. Grier, Luis Alberto Barreiro Pousa, Ileana Díaz Fernández

Macromarketing & Public Policy
Health & Nutrition


The macro-environment in which social marketing is practised is an important factor in how it is structured and practiced, as well as its effectiveness. This paper analyses Cuban practices aimed at encouraging health behaviour change from a social marketing perspective. We utilise the case study method to assess the key social marketing dimensions of three health promotion programmes (tobacco, tuberculosis and AIDS) in Cuba. Each case is assessed against social marketing benchmark criteria used in prior research. Analysis of the cases is used to explicate the Cuban government use of macrosocial marketing approaches to address health challenges. Results demonstrate: (1) how Cuba uses a unique organisational approach to address population health needs and challenges and (2) the role of particularities of the Cuban context in the theory and practice of social marketing in Cuba. An examination of Cuban social marketing activities can broaden our understanding of the way social marketing is conceptualised and practised and may help increase the effectiveness of social marketing to improve health.

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